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Are you ready to live your BEST life?

Sparrow Functional Fitness Bio

Is there someone in your life that needs to pay attention to their physical health?  At Sparrow Functional Fitness we are different than other personal trainers.  We specialize in personalized training. Whether you're over 50, navigating joint replacements, or have unique needs, our focus is on tailoring fitness to suit you.

When you choose Sparrow Functional Fitness, you're not just a client – you're family. Let's work together, set goals, and celebrate every achievement, big or small.

Ready to redefine your fitness journey with a personal touch? Sparrow Functional Fitness is here for you.


Help You Live Your BEST Life

Client pushing sled for Functional Exercise

Strength Training

Feeling like you have lost your get up and go, doctor recommend improving your health or wanting to be able to get from the lake to boat without help, Sparrow Functional Fitness is here to help you! 

Building strength isn't just about lifting weights; it's a key player in overall health. Sparrow Functional Fitness focuses on tailored functional strength training to enhance muscle tone, boost metabolism, and improve bone density. Whether you're looking to tackle daily activities with ease or elevate your athletic performance, our personalized strength programs have you covered.

Balance Training

Have you become more clumsy? Is your balance not what it used to be? Sparrow Functional Fitness is here to help.

Rediscover stability and confidence with our targeted balance training. Designed for individuals of all ages, our programs enhance proprioception and coordination, reducing the risk of falls. Sparrow Functional Fitness believes that a strong foundation starts with balance, empowering you to move through life with grace and assurance.

Balance with weights and agility ladder
Stretching to increase mobility

Mobility and Flexibility

When moving hurts, or you can't move like you used to- Sparrow Functional Fitness is here to help you.

Flexibility is freedom, and our mobility training is all about unlocking that freedom. Sparrow Functional Fitness specializes in tailored flexibility programs to improve joint range of motion, alleviate stiffness, and enhance overall mobility. Whether you're aiming for better posture or preventing injury, our flexibility training is the key to a more agile and adaptable you.

These training components come together at Sparrow Functional Fitness to create a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that every aspect of your fitness journey is addressed with care and expertise.

Upcoming Events

  • Summer Fusion 2024
    Summer Fusion 2024
    Mon, May 27
    Self Paced online workouts!
    May 27, 2024, 7:00 AM
    Self Paced online workouts!
    May 27, 2024, 7:00 AM
    Self Paced online workouts!
    You want to kickstart your health journey this summer but between the beautiful weather, the kids, the traveling you can't keep a commitment to the gym let alone a trainer. That's where SUMMER FUSION 2024 comes in!
  • 2nd Annual 55+ Exercise Competetion
    2nd Annual 55+ Exercise Competetion
    Sat, Jun 15
    Jun 15, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Charlotte, 10030 Callabridge Ct, Charlotte, NC 28216, USA
    Jun 15, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Charlotte, 10030 Callabridge Ct, Charlotte, NC 28216, USA
    Includes T-Shirt and enrollment in MIF Seniors group Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each exercise. Male/Female by age: 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85+ Entry Fee will be split 50 / 50 Awarded to Overall Winner AND Memory & Movement In memory of Tony Boldin


Leg Strength with a happy Client

Y'all. Mandy is a game changer!! She has been with my father-in-love AKA Terry AKA 'T" for the last 10 months... Since falling and breaking his hip last November. 

If you know T- he is stubborn and hardheaded. ;-) BUT... he loves Mandy and he listens to her.  he does this because she is the real deal!! She is invested in her clients.  She checks -in, she accommodates and she pushes them to their potential.  Her knowledge and passion are unmatched.

If you or anyone that you know is looking for her services- CALL HER!! You will not regret it! We are so grateful for Sparrow Functional Fitness.  It has been life changing for us!   

Micah Little

Lunges for balance

I cannot thank you enough for helping Dad find his spark again!!! He is in such a weird place and had all but given up.  He is a whole new man.  You are making a huge difference in someone's life whether you know it or not.  Again, thank you for your inspiration. 

Matt Sigmund

Step up for functional strength

Mandy always has a smile on her face. She knows her stuff. If something does not work she always has something else that does. She has made me stronger and capable of doing many more things. She helps me through winter which is always tough for me. Mandy is the best trainer possible. Thank you so much.

Kathy Begun


Truly Top-Notch

After years of working in healthcare, I became frustrated with watching people have one fall and their lives would forever be changed.  Or worse, a fear of falling and giving up on enjoying life. I knew I could change that.  

I understand that every person has a unique fitness need, each session is customized to each individual.  Do gyms overwhelm you? Don't even know where to start?  Let me help


My focus is strength, mobility, fall prevention, balance, cognition, coordination and endurance to help my clients live their best life.   I work with persons of ALL ages, physical and cognitive levels.

What do you love doing? What do you miss doing? What is your dream? How can I help you get there? 


I'm Mandy Self-Sparrow and I am a Functional Aging Specialist, Personal Trainer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, a Tai Chi Instructor and a Nutrition Coach.


Discover the difference Sparrow Functional Fitness can make in your life by getting in touch with us today!  

Functional Aging Institute
Cabarrus College Health School
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