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Summer Fusion 2024!

You want to workout this summer, but between the beautiful weather, the kids being home and traveling you can't keep a commitment to the gym let alone a trainer.   That's where Sparrow Functional Fitness Summer Fusion 2024 is here to help

Push Ups in the Park

Step 1

Decide you want the BEST summer! 

  • You want to be strong and have energy all summer long.

  • 11 weeks commitment

Step 2

Sign Up 

  • Ready to transform your summer?

  • Secure your spot and let's kickstart your journey to a healthier, stronger, happier you with Summer Fusion 2024!

Sign up here
Payment options availible

Step 3

Have your consultation to customize your program

  • We will have a very thorough consultation to be able to customize your training program.

  • This can be done online or in person.

At Home Workout
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